In the very near future, I will be leaving Destructoid and going to work at Gearbox Software as a full-time writer.

A few people have asked me how this will affect HAWP and my other side-stuff (Rev Rants, etc), so I’ll answer all of that stuff after the jump of this post.

HAWP will keep going. I won’t be shooting or editing the episodes anymore, but not to worry: my friend Justin Yngelmo, who directed and co-edited the Most Dangerous Game episode, will handle all of that. He’s way more knowledgable about the ins and outs of actual filmmaking than I am (I consider it a good day when I remember to white balance), so don’t be surprised if HAWP gradually starts looking less and less shitty.

Unless we find out that it’s absolutely impossible for me to get back to AZ to film every once in a while, or if for some reason my HAWP involvement conflicts with my Gearbox stuff, I’ll still write for, and act in, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’. From the viewer’s perspective, nothing will have changed apart from the visuals being less crap.

I’m not sure if the HAWPcast will continue, but I intend to keep it going if at all humanly possible. I dunno how time-consuming the Gearbox gig will be, but if Ash and I can get a free hour or two on the weekend or something, I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t try to keep doing the Hey Ash podcast.

No more Rev Rants. Sorry, but they were kinda time-consuming, and it’d probably also be kind of dumb to videotape myself shitting on other peoples’ games while I’m working on a game myself.

I may still throw out random thoughts about what I’m playing on the HAWP blog or on the HAWPcast, but probably not with the same quasi-regularity with which I released editorials on Dtoid.

I can’t really elaborate on what I’ll be working on at Gearbox, except to say that I’ll be doing a shitload of writing (story, characters, missions, etc) on a game that I’m super-excited about.